The modern worker

The modern worker

Feb 16, 2016
"Spacehop has the potential to revolutionise the workspace rental world"
Robert Sheehan Robert Sheehan
Technology is rapidly transforming how, where and when we work. What is more, the market for start-ups and freelancers is booming in London – and staying flexible and cost efficient has proven key to success in this growing market. is an online platform that enables these independent business owners to find cheap and flexible office space in people’s homes to suit their versatile work needs.

London’s rental prices have proved an impermeable barrier to entry for many new or early stage businesses for some time. Rental prices have increased by over 60% in the past 4 years and this trend shows no sign of slowing down with demand rapidly outgrowing supply as the City seeks to cement its status as the Tech and Financial centre of the world.

As it stands, London’s property market has proven unaccommodating for the growing needs of the start-up and freelance industry. Entering long-term contracts with traditional office space providers means incurring high fixed costs, which is an ineffective cost option for new businesses.

Spacehop recognises the growing need for affordable and flexible office space – the changing nature of start-up and freelance work is such that these workers want to choose when, where and how they work. DTZ reported that independent workers and start-ups view flexible, collaborative office spaces as a major component in their growth.

The business aims to help these businesses and independent workers by providing flexible and collaborative spaces by utilising underused residential space around the capital. Their January launch saw dozens of homeowners sign up to in the hope of generating an additional source of income by simply letting out their kitchen or living room as a home office during the day.

The site is quickly proving to be a big hit among freelancers and start-ups with office spaces available to rent for as little as £1 per hour in a number of London’s most attractive postcodes. Its success has speedily gathered the attention of media outlets such as BBC, The Telegraph, The Huffington Post and The Irish News as well as Misfits and Fortitude actor Robert Sheehan.

"I think what the boys have built with Spacehop is an incredibly intriguing idea and has such exciting potential. Much in the same way that AirBnB has revolutionised the holiday rental world, Spacehop has the potential to revolutionise the workspace rental world. Simply put, anyone who is starting out, building a new business, Spacehop is going to make their lives considerably easier."

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