Route360 location intelligence

Route360 location intelligence

Mar 29, 2016
Making smarter location choices
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Route360° brings location analytics and real estate planning right to your browser

Finding the right location for your property investment or next real estate venture is tricky: You could be unsure whether your potential investment location is actually what you are looking for. You will need to cross-validate your potential site against further data points, i.e. assessing the coverage and accessibility of nearby amenities such as schools, doctors or supermarkets. You might even want to know exactly how many people can be reached from your chosen site within a given travel time by foot, bike or even public transit?

Those types of questions have traditionally been addressed by employing complicated and cumbersome GIS analysis, often outsourced to expensive consultants or big companies using proprietary data, and expensive proprietary software. Small and medium-sized enterprises, however, often cannot afford this “luxury” and even bigger companies can save a lot of money by using more flexible and easy-to-use solutions.

Route360: Making location intelligence dead simple

That is why the engineering team of the German startup Motion Intelligence has come up with Route360°, a number of new tools that help you make smarter location and investment decisions. These tools are web-based, easy-to-use and can be operated by anyone - instead of GIS experts only. And the question is right: Why should location planning for real estate or business investment be more difficult than using a web map such as Google Maps?

Under the hood, these advanced Route360°- tools are powered by an open source API. It is a simple but powerful JavaScript library which allows you to display travel time polygons on a web map of your choice (i.e. Google Maps or Leaflet). It shows you which areas on a map you can reach within a certain travel time (e.g. 10, 20, 60 minutes), and which points of interest are accessible within that time. You can also use it with your own data.

Besides foot, bike and car, the API also includes real public transit data as an advanced travel mode. The API can be seamlessly integrated into existing real estate and property platforms and handle large custom geo-referenced data sets. So, just in case you are planning your next real estate adventure, you should give this new technology a try.


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